What our customers are saying: ​​

We've shipped over 25,000 boxes to customers all over the world! Here are some of our favorite clients in Afghanistan:


I have to say, Healthy Surprise is awesome - you guys have it figured out! I am enjoying your snacks while deployed to Afghanistan with the Marine Corps. The Healthy Suprise boxes have allowed me to keep my diet in tip top shape and give me that extra energy boost I need to survive in this treacherous heat. Thanks for the troop support, god bless!

- Jorge A.


Seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY impressed. Especially with the Snacks ... I wish all food was like this!!

- Julia A.


Just got my first box yesterday, so fun! Now to decide if I'll keep it all to myself or share, haha!

- Mary P.

Great box of healthy snacks every month. I always look forward to getting mine.

- Grant M.