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You’ve probably had this experience: You’re walking down the snack isle at your favorite market, looking at the healthier options and find something that looks kind of interesting. Then see the pricetag: $8! You think “That’s a lot of money for a bag of something I’ve never seen or heard of before.” You wonder, does it taste like cardboard?

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We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about Healthy Surprisesince Lollihop quit shipping out their snack boxes. I’m going to take today’s Healthy Surprise blog post to answer some of the questions we keep getting from our wonderful clients and the press.


Is Healthy Surprise going out of business?
Absolutely not! We’re experiencing incredible growth and have plans to...

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There are a lot of things you need when starting a company in 2012. Products that people love. A website that supports your clients. A team that is full of passion and is eager to the company’s vision.

One of the most important is...