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Whole Foods Requires All Product Labels to Include GMO Content by 2018! 0

Whole Foods just announced at the Natural Products Expo West that starting in 2018 they will require all products in their U.S. and Canadian stores to have labels indicating whether they contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s).  Whole Foods is collaborating with the the Non-GMO Project to help them inspect, verify and approve all products.  Comprised of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, consumers, and more, Non-GMO Project ensures that food production follows rigorous practices to avoid GMO contamination before bearing their seal of approval.

This will have a major effect on the food market, as Whole Foods has thousands of vendors and stores throughout the country.  This will most likely create a de-facto labeling program nationwide since not having a Non-Gmo label will imply the presence of GMOs.

This is a major step forward for consumer choice and information.  Read the Whole Foods Press release.

Prop 37 – Label Gmo Foods. What's at Stake for You, California and Why You Should Learn More 0

November 6th Californians will vote on Prop 37, which if passed would require foods sold in the state that contain “GMO’s” (genetically modified organisms) to be labeled as such, and would prohibit marketing “such food as ‘natural’” by July 1, 2014. GMO’s are foods or animals that have had the genes of another species artificially forced into their DNA to introduce a new trait such as draught tolerance or insect repellant. Currently about 70% of the processed foods in America contain GMO’s. The bill is controversial and big money has lined up...