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Same Day Shipping 0

Healthy Surprise now ships all orders the same day!

Some of our new Surprisers probably noticed how quickly they’ve received their boxes after SIGNING UP. That’s because we recently instituted same-day shipping, meaning that orders placed before Noon EST will be shipped the same day, every business day.

Monsanto... Unstoppable? 0


“Monsanto as a company lies, incredibly, about what they are doing. They bribe officials around the world and they seem to treat the world as their toilet. That’s not right for the rest of us.” –Urban Dictionary

You’ve probably heard about Monsanto as they have been all over the news for all the wrong reasons. Just recently, on March 26th, Obama signed H.R. 933, a 240 page government budget bill; buried inside was...

Healthy Surprise is going corn free! 0

At Healthy Surprise we’re always trying to improve our snack box. The most important role of a snackologist is determining which ingredients pass muster – we are constantly reading the ingredients of new snacks. One ingredient has been coming up repeatedly in both our internal discussions and feedback from snackers: corn.

Therefore we’ve decided to not include any snacks in Healthy Surprise which have corn. Here’s why...

How Much Would You Pay for Your Health? 0

Did you know that an MRI costs $800 less in France than it does here? Ezra Klein from the Washington Post explains that compared to the rest of the world, America pays the highest bills for medical care!! Is it because...

Whole Foods Requires All Product Labels to Include GMO Content by 2018! 0

Whole Foods just announced at the Natural Products Expo West that starting in 2018 they will require all products in their U.S. and Canadian stores to have labels indicating whether they contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s).  Whole Foods is collaborating with the the Non-GMO Project to help them inspect, verify and approve all products.  Comprised of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, consumers, and more, Non-GMO Project ensures that food production follows rigorous practices to avoid GMO contamination before bearing their seal of approval.

This will have a major effect on the food market, as Whole Foods has thousands of vendors and stores throughout the country.  This will most likely create a de-facto labeling program nationwide since not having a Non-Gmo label will imply the presence of GMOs.

This is a major step forward for consumer choice and information.  Read the Whole Foods Press release.