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Different Diet Types 0

When you stop being SAD (Standard American Diet) and/or get off the hugely popular Seefood Diet (See food, eat food), you have many options that are all huge improvements. Here you can find more details on the following diets...

What is Gluten-Free? 0

What is Gluten Free?

What is gluten, anyway? Have you noticed the word popping up a lot recently? It’s almost always associated with someone who has experienced an allergic attack. In the media and especially among celebrities, gluten is deemed “public enemy number 1.” So, should everyone be avoiding gluten or just people whose immune system can’t handle it? What is gluten free? And where can you find gluten-free products?

There are many questions, but here’s a quick overview:

Eating Like a Caveman 0

Paleo, primal, the caveman diet – it has many names and has become all the rage lately. We get asked by Surprisers about it often, so we wanted to provide you some more information so you can make better decisions about your health.

‘Paleo’ for short, The ‘Paleolithic Diet’ is the idea that...

Healthy Surprise is going corn free! - UPDATE 0

Back in April we announced that we were going to be Corn-Free and not carry any corn products. The response was pretty fantastic; no one mourned the loss of corny ingredients! However, we were approached by many of our clients asking us how ‘free’ we were going to be.

Corn is everywhere – not only as a whole ingredient (think popcorn, or high-fructose CORN syrup) but it’s also used in industrial manufacturing for all types of processed foods and...

Island Where People Forget to Die 0

The meaning to life. The fountain of youth. The key to eternal life.

What is it that determines how long we live? Genetics? Environment? Food, diet and exercise? Dan Buettner wrote an interesting article about an island off of Greece that seems to know something the rest of us don’t...