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We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about Healthy Surprisesince Lollihop quit shipping out their snack boxes. I’m going to take today’s Healthy Surprise blog post to answer some of the questions we keep getting from our wonderful clients and the press.


Is Healthy Surprise going out of business?
Absolutely not! We’re experiencing incredible growth and have plans to grow even more. Expect some cool stuff from us in the next few months. You and your friends can still sign up at any time. Stay tuned to our blog to find out about new product launches!


Is Healthy Surprise acquiring Lollihop?
No. We’ve approached Lollihop about an acquisition but at this point they’ve indicated they aren’t interested.


Is Lollihop going out of business good for Healthy Surprise?
Absolutely not. We love what Lollihop is doing – helping people to eat better. Anyone who is helping people eat better food and put down the Doritos is a partner and helping us fufill our vision of making the world a healthier place!


There have been a lot of subscription commerce companies starting lately – is this a fad?
Its true, there have been a lot of subscription commerce companies sprout up in the last six months. Its an exciting concept with a relatively low barrier to start. However, as many subcom companies are realizing, it’s a LOT of work. Finding incredible products, ordering them, packing the boxes and then shipping them out takes a lot of effort, for just a couple of dollars profit on each box. As many subcom businesses grow and fully understand how much work it is, expect to see many more shuttering their services. I expect less than half of the subcom businesses started in the last year to be around next year.


How does Healthy Surprise fit into the subcom world? Is your business model viable?
Very much so. Our vision of helping people eat healthy and supporting our business partners who make this delicious and healthy food resonates with a huge community of health and environmentally conscious people. We made a decision from the start to price our products where we make a fair profit so we can sustain business while bringing our clients great snacks at or below retail while saving them the time, effort and extra cost of finding the snacks themselves. That being said, the subcom model only works at scale, meaning thousands of subscribers.


How can we help Healthy Surprise?
The best thing you can do is to tell your friends about our service. To fufill our vision of getting the best selection of food for you and helping our partners grow, we need to scale. To bring you the best quality food at the best prices we have to keep our margins low, which means the best advertising is word of mouth. Please help the healthy food movement by telling your friends, liking our page andsharing our website with people you know who are trying to eat healthy.


How do you guys make money?
Many people are interested in the details of how subscription commerce works. That will be another blog post as it is a detailed and complex method of commerce.


I’d like to close by thanking all of our wonderful clients, partners and bloggers who are making my dream of helping people eat and feel better a reality by all of their incredible support. And of course, none of this would be possible without my amazing Director of Operations, Tiffany Paralta who makes it all seem so easy.


Keep eating healthy,

- Joe Winke, Founder & Chief Snackologist 

Joe Winke is the founder ofHealthy Surprise and struggles to resist food temptation, just like you. He created Healthy Surprise so he’d be surrounded by healthy food and wouldn’t have to drive around town to find Kale chips. Finding kale chips is no longer a problem for him.

Follow Joe on Twitter or see what he doesn’t know.

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