Prop 37 – Label Gmo Foods. What's at Stake for You, California and Why You Should Learn More


November 6th Californians will vote on Prop 37, which if passed would require foods sold in the state that contain “GMO’s” (genetically modified organisms) to be labeled as such, and would prohibit marketing “such food as ‘natural’” by July 1, 2014. GMO’s are foods or animals that have had the genes of another species artificially forced into their DNA to introduce a new trait such as draught tolerance or insect repellant. Currently about 70% of the processed foods in America contain GMO’s. The bill is controversial and big money has lined up on both sides of the issue. It is important for both Californians and the world at large: California’s market is so large that if the labeling requirements change, most food manufacturers will change all of their packaging to comply with California.

Reasons to vote YES

  • Consumers have a right to know how their food is produced
  • There are good reasons (see below) to worry about GMO food’s effect on health
  • Byproducts from GMO’s damage the environment
  • Costs companies nothing to disclose whether products contain GMO’s

Official Proposition “YES” Site :

Reasons to vote NO

  • Proposition full of special-interest loopholes and exemptions
  • Science regarding health impacts of GMO’s on people inconclusive
  • Could decrease the world’s food supply
  • Changes in legislation and increase in lawsuits would cost state upwards of $1 million/year
    California’s 2011 Gross State Product was $1.9 Trillion (with a tee) 8th in the world
  • Could increase cost of groceries for households

Official Proposition “NO” Site:

Good arguments FOR GMO labeling

Good arguments AGAINST GMO labeling

Other Resources & Sites

- Joe Winke, Founder & Chief Snackologist

Joe Winke is the founder ofHealthy Surprise and struggles to resist food temptation, just like you. He created Healthy Surprise so he’d be surrounded by healthy food and wouldn’t have to drive around town to find Kale chips. Finding kale chips is no longer a problem for him.


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