Island Where People Forget to Die



The meaning to life. The fountain of youth. The key to eternal life.

What is it that determines how long we live? Genetics? Environment? Food, diet and exercise? Dan Buettner wrote an interesting article about an island off of Greece that seems to know something the rest of us don’t. Looking for the oldest living group of people and where they live, in 2008 he was advised to look to Ikaria, a small island 99 square miles off the coast of Turkey.

It’s 10,000 residents are isolated from most of the world due to it being so far and windy from the main shipping lanes (it was even mentioned by Homer in the Iliad, where he wrote of the strong winds surrounding the island). For most of their history they have been self-sufficient and in the late 40’s thousands of Communists and radicals were exiled to Ikaria, which created a communal/familial living situation.

What he found about health, longevity and the secret to happiness might just surprise you!

Read more about this wondrous island and the amazingly ageless inhabitants here.

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  • Joseph Winke
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