Eating Like a Caveman


Paleo, primal, the caveman diet – it has many names and has become all the rage lately. We get asked by Surprisers about it often, so we wanted to provide you some more information so you can make better decisions about your health.

‘Paleo’ for short, The ‘Paleolithic Diet’ is the idea that humans should eat the way our ancient ancestors evolved to eat, over millions of years. Modern technology allows us to manufacture and process foods that would be unrecognizable to our ancestors and are foreign to our bodies today.

Take wheat for example. Inedible in it’s natural form, it’s only until we mill it down to flour that we can digest it. But wait a minute, wasn’t it inedible?

Here’s the rub. Grains like wheat contain lots of gluten, a protein that wreaks havoc on our intestines, causes inflammation and prevents proper absorption of the essential protein and minerals your body needs. Every one reacts to it but in varying degrees that most don’t even realize because we’ve just been used to it.

Multiply this by thousands of processed and refined foods that the standard American diet (SAD) consists of, and you have a theory of why everyone is so sick and overweight in this country. What happens when you remove the grains, dairy and sugar? People drop weight, sleep and feel better.

George Dvorsky wrote a very nice, clear piece explaining the facts, science and history about the Paleo lifestyle.

To read the whole article click here. To read the whole article click here.

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  • Joseph Winke
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