Shaving Oil - Ashtanga Blend

$ 25.00
Product Description

Long before we had arisol foaming shave cream full of chemicals, your grandparents shaved with oil and a double edge safety razor. That's right, shaving oil!

Shaving with oil lubricates the skin preventing knicks and scrapes, it also softens the hair follicles and moisturizes at the same time. All without artificial ingredients. Additionally, shaving oil does not strip moisture from the skin or kill beneficial skin bacteria. Your skin has beneficial bacteria just like your gut! Using soap kills all of the bacteria on your skin causing bumps, skin irritation and dryness. Make the switch to one step shaving oil and change they way your face feels.

Our shaving oil starts with a rich blend of Grape seed, Olive, and Tiger nut or Sesame oils we then blend in a deluxe mix of therapeutic essential oils that smell great and soothe the skin! We never use fragrance oils, only essential oils to make up our 3 unique scents.

What's tiger nut oil? Tiger nuts are not actually nuts at all! They are tubers like potatoes and are one of the oldest foods known to be a part of the human diet. Rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E, Tiger Nut oil is a great alternative to castor seed oil which is used in many other shaving oils. Did you know the process of harvesting and making castor seed oil is toxic to the workers making it? Castor seeds contain ricin and the skin of the seed has many allergens that can cause health issues and nerve damage.

To use, simply spread a few pumps on the skin, let it sit for a few minutes to soften hair then shave in long smooth strokes rinsing your blade frequently in hot water to prevent clogging. That's it! Soft smooth moisturized skin in one easy step.

The Scent: 

Technically crafted to fight odor while smelling amazing, Ashtanga is a sweet but clean blend. Imagine yourself meditating in a cedar temple, drawing in deep breaths of crisp wood. You notice the aroma of vanilla as you see steam piping off your tea cup. The morning breeze brings the smell of yuzu lemon flowers and your neighbors rose garden. Just as you finish your practice, the earthy smell of damp leaves rises for a split second, grounding you back into reality. Ashtanga's essential oils are powerhouse odor killers - if you are particularly concerned about smelling good this is the blend for you.