Natural Perfume Oil - Ashtanga

$ 4.99
Product Description

The Scent:

Technically crafted to fight odor while smelling amazing, Ashtanga is a sweet but clean blend. Imagine yourself meditating in a cedar temple, drawing in deep breaths of crisp wood. You notice the aroma of vanilla as you see steam piping off your tea cup. The morning breeze brings the smell of yuzu lemon flowers and your neighbors' rose garden. Just as you finish your practice, the earthy smell of damp leaves rises for a split second, grounding you back into reality. Ashtanga's essential oils are powerhouse odor killers - if you are particularly concerned about smelling good, this is the blend for you.

Perfume Roller:

The Dirt uses organic meadowfoam or jojoba to carry their oils. Both absorb quickly and are wonderful for the skin. Ashtanga natural perfume oil blends into your skin beautifully complimenting, not overwhelming your natural scent.

No water, No Alcohol. 8ML Compact roller bottle is easy to take anywhere. 

Featuring: Organic Meadow foam or Jojoba oil, Essential oils of: Yuzu Lemon, Vanilla, Ho Wood, Rose & Vetiver.

 Please note, perfume oils are final sale. 

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